Why am I xo shy!!!

He was standing there right in front of me like just a few spaces away but I couldn’t say a word he look at me with those small soul searching eyes I couldn’t resist my handsome Muslim I kinda wanted to convert lord I was starting to sound like a poet those big strong arms and those pink to die for lips Lord don’t wake me up please then I heard someone shout my name “ciecie” ,I was startled not until a slap landed on my bear back did I wake up(see I have this habit of going to bed naked)sunlight burned in my eyes,i looked around only to notice I was in my room and my brothers on d bed with me it had been a dream”blood of jesus” I said “oooooooo”has it gotten to did point were I now dream of him no now he was a playboy I knew it and I had already said I was not going to fall for him it was just sex nothing else”but damn it was good sex”i said to my self I heard my step-mom call me from the kitchen I rushed only for me to meet a gigantic heap of plates in the sink again the children had run to school leaving Me to wash the plates again “I’d rather die” “u will die o cause u have to wash dishes plate” “over my dead body” “better start stabbing your self or drink rat poison o and wash those plates”i knew I wasn’t going to win dis battle I ran to my room as if to gather courage and came back and set to my task I enjoyed it after I had finished I was glad it was done now another problem I needed a smoke and fast what to do my brother yes I could bribe him to take me out so I could smoke brilliant idea now I have to get past my step-mom that shldnt be hard all I had to do was walk out d front door only problem was she was right in front of d door !!!!!!!! Arghhhhhhh what to do, what to do think ciecie think ciecie

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