Gist: I’ll Never Spread My Legs For Movie Roles


Nigerian virgin actress Seyi Hunter open up about that her colleagues who sleeping with director and producer to run extra mile stone in Nollywood movie industry.

Seyi Hunter recently promoting her new vlog about sexual pleasure. She said “having sex without experiencing orgasm is a waste of time“.

Seyi said she’ll choose money if require to choose between relationship or money. She has also disclosed that she is not prepared to go that line describing producers who do that as ass lickers.

Actress Seyi Hunter will not sleep aroung to getting role in movie

Producers like ass-licking and I’ve passed that stage of licking asses, so it’s the job I see that I do. You’ll be surprised the rate at which women offer their pussy to get roles, and these are known faces!

Acting isn’t paying my bills or feeding me, someone else would have given up but it’s a hobby for me, something I love and enjoy doing, so I’m not going anywhere.

I already made up my mind to improve on my productions and feature in them, plus the jobs I’m getting. I’m sure I’ll be fine.

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