Lifestyle: What You Feel – Is It Lust Or Love?


A socialize application that allows users to communicate with other people based on their preferences for chatting and making appointments – works in your favor, a new guy will come into your life, along with a series of feelings and desires.

But after a while (and a lot of sex), could you know if what you feel is lust or love? Both are VERY similar, but when comparing, they are two completely different things.

Is it just sex?

Having chemistry in bed is incredibly important, but an obsession with sex can only be harmful. After some time, you and your partner will get bored, or they will always resort to nightly activities to maintain their relationship.

Do you keep secrets?

A couple in love has no walls, limits or secrets. Later they will be able to implement them and reach an agreement, but right now they should be as sincere as possible. However, couples who are based on lust can not be themselves with each other.

Is there a lasting and deep friendship?

If so, you could be close to having a special partner. A relationship, based on a step without friendship can not last long, much less if the most important thing is just sex.

Do you feel jealousy or need constantly?

A couple in love is one who trusts the other, regardless of the circumstances. A couple who live in lust, who is only interested in sex, will always find reasons to jealousy the other no matter the context. Why? Because what they lack a solid relationship needs: confidence

Do you expect perfection of your partner?

Being in love means that you accept every flaw and imperfection of your partner. Those who only feel lust expect complete perfection, both from their feelings, and from their supposed “relationship.”

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