Gist: Actress Claims Ghanaian Actors Are Selfish


Ghanaian actress Kafui Danku has described the players within the film industry as selfish blaming their lack of assistance for every other’s act as a contributory aspect to the decrease from the film industry.

“We are and possess been so selfish, I’ve existed for some time. It might not be for long sufficient nevertheless I have witnessed and experienced many issues which may be so peculiar. Anytime we modify, we shall possess a better day if not ‘Ye be br3’ [we will suffer]”.

“I believe products or brands compliments one another. Lots of actors usually don’t market a movie when they won’t star in it. Some who even celebrity in the video clip won’t promote it.

“But to become sincere as soon as we all promote it and perhaps I break up even more than the next era, I will invest my stars effectively however when you don’t assistance all of us shed since it a chain reaction,” she lamented.

The actress who doubles being a manufacturer also informed Delight News’ MzGee, her co-workers should not be troubled in the outcome with their selfishness and disunity within the movie industry.

“They can’t be concerned actually it’s getting an impact on us all that is why a Ghanaian business can market an abroad actor and display off them within our facial appears because they know we’ve been not united,” she talked about.

The celeb talked about “People say, you didn’t inquire me for the movie elite, really? You need an inquire? Could or not it’s an occasion? You want an invite to assist your own company but you go to the tunes honors?

It’s a disgrace. Answer is actually becoming dispersed, it’s in addition however an additional ways of support.

She claimed that a number of from the film industry people will would prefer to promote abroad movies also as its peoples over exactly what’s theirs.

When fifty shades of grey was exhibiting carried out they offer you with an inquire to go to and find out, when Angelina Jolie’s ‘Salt’ was exhibiting carried out Angelina Jolie offer you with a ticket to appear and find out?

When Beyonce was anticipating an infant you positioned her photograph, she doesn’t have any concept you may be discovered, Kafui Danku was expectant, you could not even congratulate her, Gifty Anti – was expectant among each one from the issues, you could not even congratulate her but Beyonce d33 oye wo sibling, it may be preposterous.

Kafui and Yvonne Okoro dismissed one another in the lately held women of honor awards. Their consider action confirms rumor the business is loaded with cliques.

Although celeb confessed she and Yvonne unsuccessful to swap pleasantries, she refused of a clique.

I don’t learn about cliques. All I’m conscience is I didn’t say hello, she might have also talked about hi there. In this post our business is in the women of honor program and on this web page our business is usually yelling along with our seams and preaching about women advertising women on our social web sites web sites but we won’t even say an easy hello there to one an additional. I’m accountable and so I don’t understand why I did not say hello there to her there’s not any help and sure it breaks my heart, it’s so dreadful.

Questioned what she produced from the present movement of nude pictures of her colleague Christabel Ekeh, Kafui inquiries the consumer loyalty of great buddies.

I discovered some photographs on Facebook, I kept scrolling, I can’t say much. There are people in the industry who definitely are her friends. I’m sure within the business there’s an individual you telephone, you’ll find people within the company you’re chillier with, normally when its Salma Lord forbid, I’ll check up on her but our company is on hi there – hi their stuff probably she is aware of what she actually is undertaking, I never would like to interfere.

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