FACTS: 6 Things Women Love About S*x




Many men ignore what women like about having sex , but you wonder what would happen if they could read your mind for a moment. Surely one of these practices is on your list of preferences


#1. The preliminaries

Having an orgasm is something complicate
d. Something that requires concentration, knowledge, time and desire. And yes, we are heavy on the subject; But it is that preliminaries are fundamental in reaching orgasm; Especially for women. They give us access to mutual trust and more enjoyable sexual enjoyment.
Look into our eyes. The look is very important for women, not only because we feel more sensual, but because we need to “know” that he is there with us.

#2. The oral sex

One of the sex with which enjoyed the most. This is an intimate activity that helps us to have a faster orgasm. The stimulation with the tongue and the lips is more pleasant, since it is direct and there is much lubrication. Cunnilingus implies nonchalance on our part, since we only have to concentrate on receiving pleasure.

#3. Feeling pleased

For us it is vital that our own pleasure is important for him, that he be careful to please us, that he exploits us. A study by the famed Kinsey Institute found that the happiest men are those who attach importance to the orgasms of their partners.

#4. Sex a little wild

Contrary to what many men think, when we women are in bed we do not want to be treated between cottons. A cheek in the buttocks and bites are always welcome, almost always very exciting (as long as they do not produce pain!

#5. Sex position doggy style

Doggy style is one of the favorite position of men and women since time immemorial. When we place ourselves in this position, we give the man control of penetration and directly stimulate the point, achieving a very deep penetration. If you want to add intensity, you can include the stimulation of the clitoris with a clitoris simulator.

#6. High-voltage words

According to the author of the Passionate book, Ian Kerner: “Saying or listening to hot phrases stimulates the transmission of dopamine, which plays a large role in sexual arousal.” That is to say, far from making the ridiculous, to mention what you would like to do to your partner or that your partner made you, sensual way, accelerates the engines of both before and during the act.

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