Facts: 5 Ways To Love A Real Woman


You love her and you want her to feel how much. You want connection as much as she does. And above all, you want to feel that you are doing a good job in the relationship and as a partner.

Here is our promise: if you put your attention on these five ways of loving a woman, your connection to her will be stronger, and desire Her for you will be greater.

1. Let her know why you chose her

You must make it clear what attracted you to her. Then try to show how she still exhibits this behavior in daily life. Making this explicit is a start.

2. Celebrate these characteristics

Do not wait. Do this the moment you observe and not the next day. Say things like, “That’s why I fell in love with you.”

3. Change the habit of just talking about your wife to complain about something

When you fall in love for the first time, you tend to talk a lot about it with your friends. You’re so excited about the sexy, funny woman you’ve met who can not help but share. However, after a while, you stop talking about it, unless it’s to complain. Start talking to your wife the same way you did when you fell in love.

4. Be an integral partner of your loved one

Every day, at least 10 to 15 minutes, stay alone with her, without cell phones, without TV. Do not talk about work, just take the time to connect with her. Listen to what you have to say. Hug her and kiss her without having sex as a goal.

5. Invite her to something creative

A woman wants to be surprised. He wants you to take the initiative to embark on an adventure together. This not only allows her to feel your investment as she creates a bonding, joint purpose and potential sense that is one of the greatest heart openers!

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