Shock:Innocent Girl Dies in WhizKid’s Concert (Video)


Wizkid’s concert at the Kenya International Convention Center (KICC) on Saturday turned tragic after a police officer shot a young lady for no apparent reason.

Reports indicate that the unidentified lady, who is a student in one of the local universities was shot by the cop as she was waiting for a friend in her car.

A video has surfaced showing an irate gentleman pursuing the officer and asking him why he shot the lady. The cop is seen covering his face while walking in the opposite direction.

In the clip, some people can be heard telling him to kill all of them if that’s what his job is all about.

Watch here

The man asks him to go and record a statement at a nearby police station but he refuses and warns him that he (the officer) will also kill him.

The clip has elicited strong reactions from many netizens, with some demanding that the Inspector General, Mr Joseph Boinett takes harsh action against the rogue officer.

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