Lifestyle:Masturbation Addictions, How to Break Free


Before i begin, i’ld like to let you all know i was once a victim of a very bad addiction, precisely masturbation. I masturbated for almost 5 years before finally, i got set free from that shackle of sin. Believe me when i say i thought i could never let go of that unholy habit as i would literally masturbate about 10 times daily. There was no porn site i didn’t know of, porn dvds i had as many not until i finally broke out of the habit.

How did i become free?

Many times i cried to God for help but at a later time i’ll find myself back to my puke. I was depressed, angry and even suffered inferiority complex due to this habit but thank God for Grace. I gave my life to Christ early 2016 and have taken it back countlessly not until this year i decided to put all my focus on him and build a personal relationship with the Holy Spirit as he is our (believers) greatest advantage. You will agree with me that when you put all focus on something, you will find out other stuffs become irrelevant. I became steady in my prayer, church and spiritual life, always making positive confessions about myself everyday. I wake up and say to myself; Sin has no power over me i’m the righteousness of Christ Jesus and frankly speaking, i’ve taken God seriously and i discovered I’ve totally forgotten i was a chronic masturbate not to talk of how to masturbate only because i put all focus on God, the one who gives us rest. Those who indulge in such habit not just masturbation but many others like smoking, drug addiction, promiscuity and many more i’ll urge you to make God your focus and the Holy Spirit your best companion and if you do this with all sincerity, i can vow that you won’t know when that bad habit will drop off. You must not go for any laying of hands to be made free.

Why die when you can live? May the good Lord strengthen you all, Amen.

PS: Don’t let the devil fill your heart with guilt after surrendering to God rather rebuke him for his greatest weapon is deception. Remember; Therefore now there is no more condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus.

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