Lifestyle: Things Women Who Are Good In Bed Do



It writes a lot about what they should do in bed to please the woman. It is normal for sex articles to be focused on the male sector: most have no idea how to treat a female under the sheets (or out of bed, but that’s another topic). From this section we want to be equal, so today we will dedicate a theme to what women have to do in the matter of sexual relations . In addition, to finish being totally fair, we must recognize that there are many girls who have no idea how to be a ten in bed.

The reasons for their malpractice are different from theirs. As a general rule, they do not know how to act, and they know but are bound for dozens of reasons. One of the most powerful, says sexologist Tracey Cox in ‘ The Daily Mail ‘, is the fear they have to think that if they behave wildly horizontally, their beloved will stop seeing with eyes of “future wife” and alone As a “lover”

Women who are considered good in bed are not cut at the first step. Many strongly desire it, they insinuate themselves, but they fail to act.

They try not to be the girl whore or bitch because they want to take them home to meet their parents.But they forget that girl ‘bitch’ (in bed) is the one that will snatch her place in the relationship” , Says the expert, who recommends that all women behave with their beloved (or that being they have just met) as they really feel, without falling into stupid and outdated prejudices.

The sex in all its variables, is made to be enjoyed, as a couple or alone. In the first case, moreover, that is why they (and they) must be carried away (always with health ahead) when they are together. Dedicated to them, Tracey exposes the eight things that every woman who is considered “good in bed” does. Attentive:

1) Take the initiative

“She never takes the first step” or “I always have to be the one who initiates the sexual relationship ” are the main male complaints in this very intimate area. Tracey is clear: if you always let him be the one to start, bad. Women who are considered good in bed will not be cut at the beginning of the relationship. Many want it with force, they insinuate themselves, but they do not get to act. Enough, if you want, let him know. They love it.

2) They have no prejudices

Often happens. He proposes something new in bed and she answers with a resounding NO !, intrinsically linked to the thought ” I always knew it was weird “. Woman, free yourself. Maybe you even like it. We are obviously referring to common propositions. Everyone has rather strange fantasies or predilections. The subject of the same considers them “peculiarities”, while his partner can see them as “perverted”.

It has always been said that you can see if someone is good or bad in bed depending on how much or little they like to give and receive oral sex.

“If your partner suggests you do something you’ve never raised, you think Will this make me hurt me (or him or a third person ) physically or emotionally? If the answer is no, what are you waiting for ? The open-minded women Are what men consider cracks in bed, “Tracey says.

3) They are not afraid to say ‘NO’

Related to the previous point, do not always say yes. Not much less. Women who say yes to each and every request for the sole purpose of pleasing their partner is anything but sexy . The sexologist reports that he was once a man at her practice, and told her that she had completely lost the desire for her girlfriend because everything he proposed was accepted and acted upon by her. “It was too obvious that there was no enjoyment on both sides,” says the expert.
The boy in question claimed that his partner watched him carefully to see if he was enjoying himself, completely forgetting his own pleasure. “Actually, he had no idea what she liked because he never let her know.”

Tracey says that occasionally you have to please the couple doing things that they like, but also ask. ” Sexual honesty is essential .”

4) They like to try new things

“I have hundreds of e-mails on this subject: ‘Why do not you want to see porn with me / let me shave your sex / put your shoes on during intercourse / look at us in a mirror / masturbate for me / leave without underwear?’ “What is basically drawn from all these issues is the refusal of some women to do things they have never seen or done before,” says Tracey.

The thing is clear: imagine that you always have hamburger , which you love but … you end up tired after a while. For with relationships, the same thing happens: sleeping with the same person is like having the same food over and over again. That is why we need to innovate from time to time.

5) Praise the penis

Men are not only concerned about the size of their manly limbs: also how long they stay hard and how they look (whether it’s pretty or ugly). Those who are good in bed often pay attention to their partner’s penis: they look at him, talk to him (within limits), praise him (‘oh, how big and hard’) … and they love it.

6) They are very good at oral sex

It has always been said (and we fully agree) that you can see if someone is good or bad in bed depending on how much or how little they like to give and receive oral sex .

If your partner suggests you do something you’ve never considered, think it will hurt me ?? If the answer is no, what are you waiting for?

Think about it: there is nothing more intimate than letting the other person put his or her mouth on your genitals, or vice versa. Much more personal than standard intercourse. “Oral sex is the most personal side of relationships, and doing it (and receiving it) means you ‘re not scrupulous and you accept that sex is chaotic and sweaty.”

7) They guide you under the sheets

All men want to be the best that has gone through the sheets of their current couple. A little for ego and a little for love towards the other person, because there is nothing more beautiful than to make enjoyment to whom one loves. As we said at the beginning of the topic, they often do not do well because they simply do not know . That is why it is good for her to give directions, and only those that are good, sexually speaking.

“He wants instructions on how to give you pleasure, but he does not want to ask for fear of looking silly,” says Tracey. You can be more subtle: when he does something that you like exactly as you like, let him know with a “keep doing exactly that”.

8) Make noise (but not too much)

Did you ever have sex with someone who was super-weary and did not make a sound? We do, and it’s quite disconcerting. It looks like you’re dead or a robot. Just as disturbing are those individuals who do not stop talking or moaning very loudly . There is a point in between that is the just, and the same that the ‘sex cracks’ dominate to perfection.

Go ahead! Sex is life, do not tell you otherwise.

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