Lifestyle: 6 Good Places To Have Quick S*x


Lack of time can be a very important factor for the relationships of couples; It is up to them to engage in their relationship and pay attention to their sex life.

That is why it is important to set aside a small space of your day to have quickie sex that can be just as pleasurable as a long preliminary session, especially if couples practice it in forbidden or unusual places .

So that you can enjoy an exciting center, we present the six best places to have quickie sex :

1. In the watering can start with a quickie in the shower. Freshly awakened and excited, full of water and soaps. In the showers couples can have fun for a while or rush things to have a full day of energy.

2. A bathroom : it can be the one of your parents, the one of a friend, the one of the house of your uncles … to escape together and to be locked in a bath to have a quick and very sexy encounter will not hurt anybody.

3. In the car : it is a classic but it is still very exciting and intense because it is very easy for someone to find them in full operation. In addition, it can be in the middle of the street or in some solitary parking lot.

4. The elevator : it is the fantasy of many and the most dangerous and exciting place. When you have sex in the elevator, couples are very exposed to being discovered, but that increases the excitement and excitement, so it is very likely that they reach an incredible orgasm .

5. A hotel : this is another classic that does not stop being good. If both are very desperate to get their hands on each other, it is best to stop at a hotel on the way and be carried away by passion.

6. Any unexpected place : this happens when someone in the relationship takes the initiative. It can be in the living room, in the closet, in the pool … what matters is to take the other unawares and have a pleasurable express sex.

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