Goviralnaija Exclusive: Is Modeling Prostitution?


Many  persons  in and outside  the showbiz  industry  have in  so  many  times , tagged Entertainers  as  flirts,womanizers, Promiscus, prostitutes  etc.

How True ?

Entertainers range from Musicians, Actors, Filmmakers, comedians, to  models. It is a  lime-light  friendly career and as such meeting new persons every day is a norm ,and the  quest  to ‘’mingle ‘’ ‘’flirt’’ is quite Enormous male and female alike, Entertainers have a high tendency to flirt or prostitute either for money, opportunities or mere Self pleasure.

Are models prostitutes?

This is a very big question I will try to proffer an answer to in my almost 10years around models. Models have quite the highest rate of promiscuity & flirtatiousness amongst Entertainers, not because they earn the most, but because an average model is desperate and purpose un-defined.

People get  into modeling  undefined , simply  may be because some persons tell  them  how  ‘’model like‘’ they look or  walk, some because their friends or siblings have ‘’made’’ it, modeling, others simply  because they love  the  concept of  being  called a model, or  the perception  that models get freebies and fame.

This mindset tends to lure models into series of sexual melo dramas.

What do “models” prostitute for?

In no particular order of importance, an average model will likely flirt or prostitute for the following under listed reasons:

1.     Money: Money truly makes the world go round, and as they  say ‘’Cash rules  everything around  me’’, this is one major reason models Can go all out to give out their body.

With  the  right pay sum, a model fetches money to pay her unending, ostentatious personal bills e.g  make up kits, shoes,  bags, jewelries, clothing, e.t.c. some go ‘’charitable’’ by taking friends to club and  buying  the  most  exotic of drinks as to gain the attention of newer potentials clients in the club who will likely replenish their expenses at the end of that  night, when they go private.

This category of models usually hide under  the auspices of  ushering, social escort, hostesses , pageant beauty Queens. e.t.c.

incent Boisot, France, Riva Press for Le Figaro Magazine

2.     Opportunities –  Though  opportunities  may have  financial rewards at  the end  of the day, but  most  models will give  out their body when presented with  sultry opportunities e.g  a trip to Dubai, Paris Joburg  e.t.c., some will do same, for a night out with  celebrities, government officials, oil industry moguls.etc.

Opportunities also come in form of model job slots for ushering, runway, vixens e.t.c., models become vulnerable when there are strict audition /casting procedures. And will rather want to circumvent by using their bodies to give such opportunities or position when presented.

This is prevalent in most beauty pageants especially, where tickets need to be sold out to meet the requirement of the organizers or to gain a crown.


3.     Self-Pleasure-This may sound ridiculous with the level of self-deceit that exist in the industry, but most models in addition to the reasons listed earlier, indulge in sex gratifying acts for the soul purpose of  self pleasure.

True Story: I have a female model friend who left Benin to meet a Music video director in Lagos, who had earlier contacted her on Facebook for a portfolio build up photo session, to cut the long story short, she slept with the music Video director after a long day actual photo shoots, when I ask her why? She simply said “He was cute jor!”  And that alone was the basis for sex? Correct me if I am wrong, not all models are victims of harassment, coerciveness, or black mail to sex, some simply have that nostalgia to flirt.

Every top model I have encountered (Oh yes, I have met a lot of them) and I have graciously conversed with on very friendly notes, have confessed to me one sexual escapade or another as models, little no wonder people see models as prostitutes no matter the aspect of modeling being undertaken.



-In my candid opinion, I honestly do not think an average model is a prostitute, if they truly define what they are modeling for.

The aspect of modeling one decide to join also those not literally mean, such a person must prostitute, it is a mind factor, the discipline of self in the presence of temptation and luring conditions makes a whole difference.

– I do know a beauty Queen who is a virgin, we also have seen girls who back out of pageants when the ‘assignment’ became demeaning, or out of their moral status.

-I know its rare, but I do believe some social escorts/Atmosphere models have boundaries to what service they can render at any given job offer.

-Fashion Runway Models Are Not Left Out; as I have come to know that they are so prone to flirting for opportunities the most. Oh yes!

– Commercial Editorial Models– this model category usually should have little or nothing to do in the sexual arena, but it is a man’s world and beauty is catalyst to sexual tendencies, so they also affected unfortunately.

“Don’t hate the player, hate the game”, it is a thing of choice and it differs from person to person, Modeling is like every other noble career, the players make the difference.

“Models Are Not Prostitutes, Human beings Are” Khris ( 2017)

(I can give a lot of true life stories of models and their shared encounters. May be in subsequent articles) On this  blog.

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