Facts: Why Are Curvy Ladies Called S*X Goddesses?


Many girls believe that because they are not small size they can not be good in bed, but they are wrong, women with curves have all the potential to become all sexual goddesses and here are 8 powerful reasons.

1. We love super good in lingerie

Do not be afraid to wear thongs, lace bras, garters, net stockings, baby dolls or costumes, if someone can do justice to those exciting clothes, it’s you, you have everything to fill them and show them off!

2. More skin = more fun

Even if it sounds a bit vulgar, “there’s more than where to get it.” We have more inches of skin to touch, kiss and even bite. Your partner will not pay attention to how you owe your voluptuous breasts, buttocks and hips, not to mention that your anatomy is capable of exciting many guys with just a look.

3. We are sex fanatics

A study conducted by the University of Hawaii in 2008 revealed that plus size women are more interested in sex than thin women because their libido is higher. To make matters worse, our sex life is more active, since the same research found that about 90% of women who considered themselves a couple of kilos over, had more sex than the 80% that was considered with A “normal” weight.


4. Our technique is flawless and we are more creative

Since we are very aware that our anatomy makes it difficult for us to make some positions, we put a lot of effort into achieving more interesting and intrepid ones. In addition, we focus on perfecting our techniques of oral sex and hand job, or we learn tricks like the vaginal puppy , which do not depend on our size.

5. We are “all terrain”

We may not have as much flexibility or strength as a fit girl, but our bodies are more resilient to try some risky positions that involve supporting the partner’s weight or strong grips. That is, we do not break the first one.

6. They love big butts

Scientists at the University of Austin studied the preferences of 300 men regarding the female silhouette and it turns out that a girl with a curved lower back at a 45 degree angle is much more attractive to them. This means that big asses drive them crazy, take advantage of it!

7. We have less prejudice

According to some psychologists, women with curves are more able to accept their partners as they are, regardless of their weight or physical “defects.” Thus, they feel confident to strip themselves, be themselves and try new things.

8. We know how to face embarrassing situations

All our lives we have had to overcome shameful moments, so if any mishaps occur in bed and things do not come out as perfect and fluid as in a porn, we are ready to face it with all possible thanks.

Sexual pleasure is for all, do not let your curves limit you, better serve them.

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