Many believe that thanks to Whatsapp relationships are running out, but the truth is that they are reinventing themselves and now the raised tone emoticons are a great ally.

Sex by Whatsapp is what is known as “sexting“, a practice that consists of sending messages or images with sexual content suggestive or explicit through social networks, in this case only by Whatsapp.

Like the “sexting” that is more global, sex by Whatsapp has some advantages and disadvantages that we then teach you to decide if you want to risk it or not.

The heater: The possibility of practicing at any time and place makes it ideal for those moments where the desire is stronger.

Better sex: This practice is associated with people who have little sexual intercourse, but who seek new help not to neglect their partner. A study by Drexel University in the United States indicates that those who use sexting are better dry in the sense that it enriches the person and the relationship.

It is different and fun: Sex by Whatsapp helps increase desire and is a preliminary of physical contact, as it is ideal for anticipation and for the imagination to make their own. This happens because it stimulates the brain and causes us to release chemicals related to attraction and sexual desire.


Disadvantages of sex by Whatsapp

Extortion: If the images fall into the hands of people we do not want, we can suffer extortion.

It becomes viral: One of the biggest risks of sex by Whatsapp is that the images become viral. This type of content could be published on sex portals or shared on social networks.

Legal issues: Sexually explicit images may be considered sexual harassment if the recipient does not want them. It may also happen that the person with whom we have sexted intends to make an economic profit.

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