Facts: Benefits Of S*x At Noon

A recent study revealed that because of day-to-day responsibilities, many couples end up too exhausted and just seek rest. So the sex at noon help refresh your relationship partner.

Before the question, what is the best time of day to have sex ? Many people believe that the night for sex ; However, a study published by the US National Sleep Foundation shows that many times this is not the case.

And because of the responsibilities, many couples end up their day too exhausted and only seek rest. That is why, according to the study, one in four people, whether married or cohabiting, end up exhausted the day as for sex.

Another group of people leave sex for the morning, but this does not allow them to get to work on time, and again they have to postpone the intimate encounter. This is how you come to the conclusion that having sex at noon helps to refresh your relationship.

Fatigue would be the main reason that 20% of people only have sex less than 10 times a year. Which endangers the good relationship of couple. “When people lose their habit or that feeling of sexiness, they close a great opportunity to connect and get closer to each other,” says psychologist Michelle Gannon.


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