Facts: 11 Facts About The Female Clitoris



Among the reasons reported for not commenting on these issues with anyone, the women consulted for the research cite the lack of information available on the subject.

For the sake of women, therefore, it is necessary to stimulate discussion about the body and functioning of the female organism, and this includes – of course – the vagina. Check out some myths and truths about the appearance and functioning of this organ:

1. They have the ability to stretch

Truth! According to gynecologist Mariana Maldonado, the female sexual organ adapts to the shape of any object that is inserted into it or that has to pass through it, from an internal absorbent to a baby.

2. Having too much sex and going through a normal birth enlarges the vagina

Myth! The vagina is anatomically capable of expanding to accommodate small, large, thin, and broad things. The passage of a baby is perfectly possible and, after this happens, it returns to the normal form.

Following this reasoning, if the canal is able to stretch for a baby to pass and can resume the original shape in a matter of days, it is not an internal absorbent or a penis that will make it permanently wide.

Mariana says, however, that there are some exceptions; If there is any complication during childbirth or if it is not properly attended, it may be that the woman is injured in the region of the perineum, the stretch of skin that lies between the vagina and the anus. According to her, the perineum is what gives muscular support to the region of the vagina and, when injured, can generate problems. In cases like these, there are repair surgeries that help resolve the issue.

3. Being long without sex makes a woman “return to being a virgin”

Myth! According to the gynecologist, it is possible that after a long period of time without having sex, the woman becomes more tense when it comes to sex. The nervous at the time H, whether the woman is virgin or not, causes the vaginal muscles to contract, which may give the impression that the canal is tighter, but the fact that the region has not been manipulated for a long time has not Causes it to undergo any anatomical changes.

4. They are all the same inside and out.

Myth! Contrary to what occurs in the creation of men, women are not encouraged to talk about sexuality or explore their own bodies. With this, many of them are too embarrassed to ask or search about their own anatomy.

This behavior causes many women to be insecure about the appearance of the vulva itself, ie the outside of the organ. The vaginas that are shown in porn movies and sensual essays are very similar to each other, but according to the gynecologist, the only thing that is the same for all is the inner part of the organ. She explains that, just as there are penises of varying shapes, inclinations and sizes, there are vulvas with smaller, larger lips of different skin tones and shapes.

So, no feeling that your little friend is the ugly duckling of the vaginas. Know your unique region and keep in mind that it does not need to follow a pattern.


5. The region has its own (and good)

Truth! According to the gynecologist, the organ not only has bacteria of the vaginal flora but also has organisms responsible for defending it and ensuring that there is a balance in the system as a whole. With this balance, good bacteria and those that can cause infections like Canadianism coexist in harmony.

This harmony, however, can be broken. “When this balance is broken, either because the immunity is fragile, because of a disease that favors this imbalance or because of poor hygiene habits, the woman may have some symptoms that something is not right,” says Mariana.

6. Doing internal washes is good for the vagina

Myth! The doctor says that the homemade showers are not indicated unless there is a medical recommendation for some specific reason. According to her, many women resort to this process on their own because they think that, in this way, they will be cleaner, but apart from the washing remove the bacteria that can be harmful to health, it also removes the defense of the vaginal region. “It’s a shot in the foot because it increases the chances of the woman having infections,” explains Mariana.

According to the doctor, cleaning can be done on the outside of the vagina, but never with the same soap used on the body or very elaborate makeup products. The ideal is to use a soap that is neutral so that the pH of the region does not become unregulated.

7. It is possible to lose an internal absorbent inside it

Myth! Did you put an inner tampon, forgot to remove it, and the cord disappeared?

Without panic, he sure is still there, just stood out of his reach. “We are not a bottomless bag, we are a bottomless bag. The absorbent will not get lost in a cosmic universe, “teases the gynecologist. If the cord broke or a piece of the absorbent got stuck and the woman can not remove it, it is important to get professional help.

8. The region has an odor that varies from person to person

Truth! Like all natural odors in the body, the vaginal region also has its own. “Our odors are also variable, some are more pronounced than others and the vagina would not be any different. It can vary from woman to woman and is also very influenced by inflammations that she can have and not even realize, due to an STD and to use inappropriate products such as talcum powder, deodorants and intimate protectors, “explains Mariana.

9. The vagina can be exercised

Truth! The pelvic region is composed of muscles and, like any other body muscle, it can be exercised. Techniques such as yoga and even tantra can awaken body awareness and help the woman to exercise the region. This ends up generating benefits for both sex life and health, since they help even those who have urinary incontinence.

10. So with the penis, the clitoris also has erections

Truth! The gynecologist explains that the clitoris and penis have the same embryological origin, that is, they are formed in the same way during the process of dividing the cells that create the human embryo. Depending on the sex of that embryo, the organ will develop in one form or another. “The clitoris has the same internal structure as a penis, but it is less developed. It does have an erection process, but usually this is not noticeable by the size of the organ, ” she explains.

11. The clitoris is exclusively for pleasure

Truth! Unlike men, whose sexual organ has other functions besides giving pleasure, the small clitoris is a very dedicated organ and only serves to provide pleasure to the woman.

So, do you still need more reason to understand, appreciate, and take care of your vagina?

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