Fact: Reasons why Having Sex During Pregnancy is Great

goviralnaija t

Pregnancy is one of the most disturbing moments in female hormones, physical appearance and emotions. Many women say that everything changes as soon as they begin to carry a baby in the belly and sex becomes a subject not so simple and uncomplicated thus.

Although many couples put sex to the foreground when a woman becomes pregnant, the truth is that sexual practice is not only beneficial to the pregnant woman, but also to the baby – and, of course, to the couple’s love life.

Benefits to have sex in pregnancy

According to sexologist and therapist Ana Sierra, sex helps to release stress, lose some fears, and even explore unexplored parts of the body .

The specialist stresses that hormonal changes may even negatively interfere with sexual desire, but that the couple should do everything to keep the flame burning, especially when trying new positions and new practices that are comfortable for both. Caresses, massages and kisses have space at any time, and may even be the springboard for a more active sex life during gestation.

Besides the fact that there is no risk to the baby – this, of course, when practicing safe sex – sexual activity during pregnancy does not cause pain or discomfort. In fact, as the woman is more sensitive, sex can even intensify orgasm and pleasure during the act.


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