WTF!!: This Drunk ASH*WO Confession will shock you


A video showing a woman believed to be a prostitute washing her dirty linen in public has left many netizens with more questions than answers.

The clip, which has been doing rounds online, shows a skimpily clad woman narrating the nasty things she has gone through to an unknown man.

The presumably intoxicated woman is seen holding a cigarette as she recounts the terrible things she has had to endure.

Tash, as she is known, reveals that she has carried a gun at one point in her life and even robbed a bank.

She goes on to narrate that even hits on street urchins but they reject her saying she has gone bonkers.

You only know she is deluded when she starts talking about Illuminati and boasting about how she once fought Conjestina Achieng and won.

Here is the video:



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