WTF!! Girlfriend bust Boyfriend Secretly Filming their S*x… what she did?


A young woman discovered that her boyfriend recorded it without her consent while they had sex and decided to take up the subject. The fact, happened in Brazil, was uploaded to YouTube and the video has been viral in social networks .


The claims were not made to wait, this in spite of that the boy swore that the camera was not recording, thing, which, as we see, is not certain.

Girlfriend caught boyfriend secretly record their sex tape

Everything did not stay there, since the woman came up with an ingenious way to take revenge. “Do you want to record? Well, let’s record, “he said wryly. The young man thought that they would really record with intimacy , but the opposite happened: on the bed she began to clutch him.

As part of her revenge, the girl grabbed the camera and recorded it as she squeezed her testicles tightly. Twisting in pain, the boy began to shout for forgiveness for his act.


The video has almost 5 million views on YouTube and has generated several reactions among users of social networks . And is that, although it has generated laughter by how the boy finished, he has also reflected on how risky it can be to be recorded in privacy, even more so if there is no consent from either party.


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