Gossip: Secret Behind The Iggy Azalea Big B*tts


Iggy Azalea once again denied having undergone butt enlargement surgery. claiming is been mainly owed to her diet And exercise. Let’s remind you that the hot discussion of the Australian celebrity fans about her beauty started after her photo shoot on Instagram from July 2016.

Iggy Azalea denies butts implant rumor, Claim it’s real

Then the Internet users spared no star dust, arguing that her buttocks looked artificial. The Hollywood Reporter decided on this occasion to ask the plastic surgeon’s opinion, who also stated that Azalea could have undergone surgery recently.

Not long after, the rapper denied reports about her wilderness. She did it. Nick Cannon Presents: Wild ‘N Out “.

Accusations of beauty improvement revived in the year 2017, at the occasion of the Youth Awards event, where Iggy presented herself in a red, tight latex costume. Previously, her charms were presented among others. In the music video “Mo Bounce”, promoting her second album “Digital Distortion”.

watch Video:

It is worth recalling that on the occasion of the release of the above-mentioned “Mo Bounce” Video, Australia betrayed how she prepared for it.

“Before I started shooting, I went to a diet plan because I knew I would have to perform in a skimpy outfit, and I was doing so much to lose more than six pounds over a week when I was dancing to that song,” Iggy said.

Australian rapper is one of the few stars who are not ashamed to talk about their plastic surgery. In addition to bust Azalea also admitted to nose correction. “Denial is weak,” she added, “and it is important to remember that you can not change everything. You will never be perfect.”

The new album Iggy Azalei is due out this year. The “Team” and “Switch” music videos are also being promoted.


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