Advise: Be Classy If Want To Do Nude


Ghanaian actress, Victoria Lebene has given advice to people who are willing to do naked for fame to be classy.

In an exclusive interview, the 26-year-old actress said she have no problem to act nude if they pays well and it’s contain such good message what impact on people’s lives.

Actress Victoria Lebene will act nude if there is some message what impact on people’s lives

Lebene said: “Nude is broad and I think it’s relative. It depends on what kind of nakedness. If it’s reasonable and if depicts what I’m being endorsed for. If it pays well and depicting a strong message that will impact on people’s lives. It could be nudity for skin products.

But not totally nude like go off your panties and your bra. Just some part of you that won’t show your private parts because you are still a woman and won’t want to expose all your private parts out there. It has to be done tactically.”

Commenting on an explicit nude video of Rashida Black Beauty, who went viral after insulting her boyfriend in the later part of last year, Victoria said:”Its insane when I hear or see some naked photos and videos. What are you posing nude for? Are you getting paid for it? Are you sending a message, what message are you sending? It should be classy if you want to go nude. If I decide to go nude, I’ll look for a professional photographer and get it done the profession way.”

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